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Full Body Treatments

Aroma Therapy Wrap

Essential oil complex's are applied, capturing your senses, and enveloping you in a warm cocoon.

  • 60 minute wraps $95.00

Cellulite Wrap

This treatment series focuses on breaking up fat tissue, firming and toning skin as well as reducing appearance of unwanted cellulite. Works in conjunction with exercise and a nutritious diet.

  • 60 minute wraps $95.00

Black Baltic Body Mud Wrap

The mud penetrates pores to purify the skin and aid in detoxification.

  • 60 minute wraps $95.00

Salt Glow

Gently exfoliate from your head to your toes removing dried dead skin leaving you with soft supple skin and end with a refreshing moisturizer for lasting results.

  • 30 minutes $50.00

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